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Gold Dust 101

Updated: May 19

The Gold Rush Lives on in Chalk River

As the 1840s gave way to the frantic Gold Rush era, the Wild West became a canvas for the legendary tales of fortune-seekers and the lawmen who dared to keep the peace among them. The California hills whispered promises of wealth, drawing infamous outlaws like Billy the Kid and legendary lawmen like Wyatt Earp. The Gold Rush is brought to life again in Chalk River through our in-game currency, Gold Dust (GD).

The Gold Rush Reborn

In Chalk River, players find themselves in a lawless land where gold isn't just a luxury—it's the lifeblood of survival and conflict. Here you can earn Gold Dust, a precious currency akin to the sought-after nuggets of the 1850s. With Gold Dust, you can arm yourself like a heroic gunslinger or strategize resources like a cunning business tycoon.

Acquire and Spend Gold Dust (for Free)

By engaging in the immersive gameplay of Chalk River, you automatically earn Gold Dust. You can use your Gold Dust to purchase useful items in the Chalk River store. Best of all, playing Chalk River and accumulating Gold Dust is completely free!

Let’s say you want to specialize in shooting out outlaw NPCs, like a bounty hunter of old. Every NPC baddy or Wild West zombie you take out awards you with a specified amount of GD. You can use your hard-earned GD to equip your character with added firepower, ammo, elixirs, and attire. Then go out and kill more NPCs to acquire even more GD!

Gold Dust and $VDT

The synergy between $VDT and GD goes to the heart of Chalk River’s game design and go-to-market strategy. Gold Dust is a non-blockchain in-game currency that allows traditional gamers to onboard to the game economy without friction—no NFTs or blockchain transactions required!

$VDT, on the other hand, is the blockchain currency powering on-chain activity in Chalk River and all future Vendetta Games productions. $VDT is for gamers who want to take full advantage of Chalk River by enabling its blockchain features. Benefits include real asset ownership, play-and-earn, gamified DeFi, and trading assets on NFT marketplaces. $VDT and GD work together to create a vibrant and sustainable in-game economy.

Parting Words

Chalk River doesn't just simulate the Wild West; It invites players to step into the boots of the outlaws, lawmen, and women who made the Gold Rush a story worth telling and retelling, now reimagined in a game that rewards the bold and the strategic. Dive deeper into the mechanics of Gold Dust and how it powers Chalk River's economy by visiting our website and following our socials for updates.

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