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Creating and publishing innovative games with immersive blockchain technology.


We believe in a gaming future that's immersive, engaging, and continuously evolving. We are dedicated to leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technology to create games that are not just fun to play but also offer real-world value with Web3 fundamentals.

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you're not just a player – you're a pioneer in a new era of gaming.

Vendetta aims to solve many of the current issues P2E games, including high barriers to entry, inflation, stagflation and deflation. With this in mind, the team has set out to create a fully-fledged, multi-chain ecosystem which looks to add value to all of our stakeholders including our community, scholars and investors thanks to our multiple revenue stream approach.

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Our games are powered by AI and blockchain technology, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving Social-Fi  gameplay experience.

With our native token, $VDT, and unique NFT assets, players can truly own a piece of the game, unlocking new levels of interaction and investment.

VDT Coins

powering it all 
is the $vdt token

As our in-game currency, $VDT grants numerous utility benefits to holders, including many gamified staking opportunities.

  • Max supply: 100 million

  • Token standard: Polygon

  • In-game Currency

  • Rewards payout to Scholars

  • Staking Pools

  • Circular economy


Contract Address:


Token symbol: $VDT


Buy $VDT here:

Ensuring that $VDT has the ability to grow while performing the role of an in-game token is a core focus of the Vendetta team.


We know the ramifications of a token built on unsound principals.



Our tokenomics were rigorously determined to ensure an optimal distribution. Making sure we have enough tokens in the right hands is key to our success.

$VDT Token

token utility and benefits


$VDT serves as the primary currency for gaming and facilitates commerce within the ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions and trade within the game environment.

Scholars within the ecosystem are rewarded using $VDT, encouraging active participation and contributions, thereby fostering engagement and growth within the gaming community.

Players have the opportunity to stake $VDT, enabling them to earn additional rewards and participate in the ecosystem's economy.

The $VDT token contributes to consistent revenue streams for various segments of the ecosystem, offering investment opportunities and promoting ecosystem sustainability.


our games

ChalkRiver Logo

Chalk River, our flagship game, set in the Wild West Frontier of the North American 1850's.

The metaverse we inhabit comprises the Township of Chalk River and surrounding areas, which just so happen to be teeming with outlaws, hustlers and folks who would shoot ya just as look at ya. Fortunately for us, we don't mind a good scrap, especially since our metaverse sits atop a fortune in precious metals and other natural resources; this territory has the measure to spawn wealth and fortune for those who are brave enough.

Chalk River, our beautiful and expansive frontier wilderness, where players roam freely, own land and fight to earn the staking rights to businesses and services within the game.


It connects to the Vendetta game suite, including story driven and PvP missions, horde battles, saloon games and much more.

ThreeKingdoms Logo
The 3 Kingdoms

Welcome to the immersive world of "Three Kingdoms: Chronicles of the Metaverse," where history meets virtual reality.

Players dive into a vast open-world rendition of ancient China, complete with bustling cities, lush landscapes, and treacherous battlefields. They can freely explore historical landmarks, interact with NPCs, and uncover hidden secrets.

Dynamic Quests and Factions: Join one of the iconic Three Kingdoms factions – Wei, Shu, or Wu – and embark on epic quests to shape the fate of the realm. Engage in diplomacy, espionage, and warfare as you strive for dominance. 

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology and fueled by the VDT currency, this game offers an unparalleled gaming experience set in the backdrop of ancient China's Three Kingdoms era.

Black Tides

"Black Tides" invites players to set sail into the golden age of piracy, where adventure and danger await on every horizon.

BlackTides Logo

An expansive pirate-themed metaverse, players can captain their own ships, assemble motley crews, and engage in epic sea battles against rival pirates.

Explore hidden islands, seek out lost treasures, and carve out your own pirate haven in a world teeming with cutthroat betrayal and alliances. The game seamlessly integrates blockchain technology, allowing for the trading and upgrading of unique NFT assets that enhance ships, crew abilities, and even territories.

With its rich, player-driven narrative and vibrant open-world environment, "Black Tides" offers a thrilling pirate experience.


game development


marketing agency



Alex McConnell



Mohannad Ahmed

Chief Technical Officer


James Carpenter

Creative Director


Eric Olafson

Chief Comms Officer



Metaverse real estate in Chalk River will be up for grabs in the near future, so stay tuned for announcements!

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