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Like many stories of Vendetta, ours is a long and bloody one. It harkens back to a time when you were as likely to find yourself losing your scalp, taking a bullet, being eaten, bitten, or stung to death by one of a myriad of dangerous frontier critters, human and otherwise.

The metaverse we inhabit comprises the Township of Chalk River and surrounding areas, which just so happen to be teeming with outlaws, hustlers and folks who would shoot ya just as look at ya. Fortunately for us, we don't mind a good scrap, especially since our metaverse sits atop a fortune in precious metals and other natural resources; this territory has the measure to spawn wealth and fortune for those who are brave enough.

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Chalk River, our beautiful and expansive frontier wilderness, where players roam freely, own land and fight to earn the staking rights to businesses and services (Kill2Earn) within the game. It connects to the Vendetta game suite, including PvP missions, horde battles, saloon poker and much more.


Metaverse real estate in Chalk River will be up for grabs in the near future, so stay tuned for announcements!


Powering it all is the $VDT token. As our in-game currency, it will grant numerous utility benefits to holders, including many gamified staking opportunities. Our token presale is currently underway with the public sale due to launch in June 2023.



the vendetta token


The Vendetta token is the lifeblood of our ecosystem and the native token of the Vendetta ecosystem. It is our in-game currency and has numerous other utility benefits to the holder. Pre-sale and Public sale proceeds of tokens will be a welcome inflow of early capital.

  • Token symbol: $VDT

  • Initial supply: 28 million

  • Max supply: 100 million

  • Token standard: Elysium, Ethereum, Polygon

  • In-game Currency for P2E and commerce

  • Rewards payout to Scholars

  • Staking Pools

  • Circular economy


We continually work to improve the existing game or build new games to further enhance the token’s utility. Ensuring that $VDT has the ability to grow while performing the role of an in-game token is a core focus of the Vendetta team. We know the ramifications of a token built on unsound principals. The tokenomics of the $VDT token were rigorously determined to ensure an optimal distribution. Making sure we have enough tokens in the right hands is key to our success.


live by the gun, or die tryin'

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DynamicNFTs (dNFTS) are the cornerstone of all of the Vendetta Games. Players must own a DynamicNFT to enter the P2E Vendetta Games/Chalk River Valley Metaverse or rent one through a scholarship program.

Ever since gold was discovered, The Township of Chalk River and surrounding territory has been over-run with every type of hired gun, wildcatter, card cheat, and carpetbagger to ever roam the West.


You will need to keep your wits about you at all times...

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