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VulCon3 Recap

Updated: May 19

Vendetta Games Hits the Web3 Gaming Event of the Year

A week has passed since the Vendetta Games posse descended upon New York City to enjoy the festivities of VulCon3, so it’s time to look back on the fun we had, the connections we made, and all that we learned.

In case live under a rock, VulCon is the annual gathering of the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, where the builders, investors, and fans of Vulcanverse, Elysium blockchain, and related games meet to hear the latest announcements, share their project developments, and party with fellow Web3 gaming enthusiasts.

It was a blast! We met amazing people, enjoyed great entertainment, and become more bullish than ever on the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, Elysium blockchain, and the bright future of gaming.

Vendetta Games Speech brings down the house

During the afternoon, our very own CEO (Chief Executive Outlaw) Alex McConnell (aka Mcswyzzle) delivered a show-stopping presentation where he featured the latest developments in the Chalk River metaverse, our ambitious plans for the future, and our latest mind-blowing gameplay trailer! It was met with thunderous applause.

Mcswyzzle described the core concepts and vision of our game and revealed some of the innovative new features we’re working on, including our RiskFi mechanics, Kill-2-Earn, the wide-open presale, and zombies!

Chalk River Merch

Of course, we couldn’t leave VulCon without giving out some free merch and NFTs to our fans and supporters. We distributed T-shirts, hoodies, and vests, emblazoned with our iconic outlaw logo. We also gave out an exclusive for Vulcon3 cowboy hat NFT that can be used in the Chalk River metaverse. We hope you enjoy them!

A Top-Notch Roster of Speakers

The conference was hosted by the hilarious and talented Anna Roisman, a comedian and actress who kept us laughing and engaged throughout the event. We enjoyed speeches by some of the most influential and inspiring people in finance, media, and blockchain gaming, such as Anthony Scaramucci, Ice T, Kevin O’Leary, and Vulcan Forged founder Jamie Thomson. They shared their insights, opinions, and visions for the future of gaming, blockchain, and NFTs. They also answered questions from the audience and gave us some tips and advice on how to succeed in this industry.

MMA Round Table

One of the most exciting parts of the event was the round table with MMA fighters Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, Ryan “the Wizard” Hall, and Brandon “McNinja” McCaghren. They discussed their involvement in the Vulcan Fight League, a Web3 game allowing players to create and train NFT-based fighters, with the help of real professional MMA fighters. The roundtable ended with the fighters demonstrating their best street fight moves on Vulcan Forged CEO Jamie Thomson. (Hope your neck is feeling better, Jamie!)

Jamie Thomson chats with Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, Ryan “the Wizard” Hall, and Brandon “McNinja” McCaghren
MMA Round Table

Elysium Ecosystem in the House

We also witnessed amazing presentations from other innovative projects building on Elysium, such as MyHealthVerse and The HUSL. They showcased their innovative and creative solutions for gaming, health, and social media using blockchain technology, and gave us a sneak peek into what they are working on next.

Posh Dinners, Wild After-Parties (and After-After-Parties)

We were treated to dinners at the Hunt & Fish Club and Ziegfeld Ballroom, where we mingled with other Vulcan Forged and Web3 gaming enthusiasts, developers, investors, and celebrities. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was classy and fun. We had a wild afterparty at Core Club, where we danced, drank, and networked until the wee hours of the morning.

Good Times Were Had By All

VulCon3 was an unforgettable experience! We had so much fun meeting new people, learning new things, and sharing our game development updates. We want to thank Jamie and Vulcan Forged for organizing this amazing event and inviting us to be part of it. We also want to thank all of you who attended or watched online for your support and feedback. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and loyalty.

Yee haw!

The Vendetta Team and Mighty Mouse / Mcswyzzle and Erock with Anthony Scaramucci
The Vendetta Team and Mighty Mouse / Mcswyzzle and Erock with Anthony Scaramucci

We can’t wait to see you again at VulCon4! Until then, stay tuned for more updates on Chalk River Metaverse and Vendetta Games!

Here’s a fantastic summary from Vulcan Forged News:

VendettaGames is bringing Wild West gaming experiences to Web3 with our Chalk River Metaverse, NFTs, and games. Check us out on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.

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