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Chalk River Roundup Vol. 1

Updated: Aug 28

Howdy Vendetta posse!

This here is the first installment of our ‘Roundup’ newsletter. We know you are busy outlaws, so these regular newsletters will summarize the latest development at VendettaDAO game studio and our Chalk River Metaverse. Stay tuned for token updates, game development milestones, community initiatives, special events, and other wild stuff.

Let's get this party started!

Token Economy

Presale Open to All!

Presale $VDT tokens are now available to anyone! No need to hold Chalk River NFTs. To purchase, proceed to the VendettaDAO website and click the ‘Presale’ menu button. Have USDC ready and connect your wallet to the Polygon network. The public sale is scheduled for Q3.

Exclusive presale bonuses available:

Xpand’ Your Gold Dust Bag

The VendettaDAO Xpand Portal is live, with Gold Dust bounties up for grabs for being active on their Discord and social media channels, this is a great opportunity for users to earn rewards while engaging with the platform and making friends in our lively community.

💡Info: Gold Dust is the in-game token of the Chalk River metaverse and the mini-games. It will be tradeable for the $VDT token.

Game Development

PvP is Live! (Let the Death Matches commence)

One of the recent developments we are most proud of is the successful alpha test of the Chalk River multiplayer PvP mode! To work out the kinks, we’ve been holding regular Death Match Tournaments with our diehard community members. It’s been an absolute blast. Building a truly kick-ass game is hard work, but fun work, and we’re here for it.

Crypto gambling coming to Chalk River

As a part of our suite of 7 addictive mini-games, VendettDAO is introducing games of chance in the Chalk River Saloon, where players can now try their hand at Poker and Blackjack. More games are coming, and you will later be able to gamble for real stakes using crypto.

Coming Soon:

  • Kill-2-Earn: The VendettDAO team has announced the upcoming Kill-2-Earn staking system, which is a form of gamified DeFi unique to VendettaDAO.

  • Horse NFTs: Another exciting development coming soon is the launch of Horse NFTs and breeding, which will undoubtedly add a new dimension to the gameplay.

Join the Posse!

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