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Chalk River NFTs, Part I: An Overview

Updated: May 26


In the evolving landscape of web3 gaming, Chalk River stands out with its unique array of NFTs. These digital assets are not just collectibles but are integral to enhancing gameplay and providing real in-game utility. This article explores the various NFTs currently available and soon to be released, detailing their functionality, rarity, and why they are a must-have for gamers and collectors alike.

Chalk River Genesis Characters

Discover the Genesis Characters, dynamic in-game NFTs with evolving attributes and unique story-driven missions. Launched in the bear market of 2022, these characters sold out immediately, showcasing the commitment of our early adopters. Players can level up their characters' attributes by earning XP through gameplay, enhancing their utility and rarity. These NFTs also allow holders to earn a portion of a large $VDT staking pool, making them valuable both for gameplay and as an investment. Explore characters like Horatio Junger, J.P. Carp, and Patsy Sinclair, each with compelling backstories and quests.

Genesis Characters are available on TokenTrove and Sphere Market.

Frontier Pass

The Frontier Pass acts as a gateway to the Chalk River ecosystem, providing holders with numerous exclusive benefits. These include a share of a USD $40K pool of $VDT, guaranteed mints, access to a VIP Frontier Pass channel on Discord, and participation in raffles for NFTs from other popular projects. Minted as a reward for our early supporters, these passes enhance your gaming experience and offer significant value. Available on the LooksRare marketplace.

Frontier passes are available on LooksRare and Blur.

Dubs & Duds Loot Boxes

Dubs & Duds Loot Boxes offer players the thrill of unlocking rare to legendary crafting materials, essential for creating high-tier items with gameplay advantages. Each box contains at least three materials, including leather, metal ore, and gold nuggets, with rarities affecting item quality. Some boxes also include $VDT or Gold Dust! Players can reveal their loot boxes on the Vendetta Games Dashboard and purchase additional boxes on TokenTrove and Sphere Market. Craftable items include hats, shotguns, and boots, which offer in-game buffs such as increased bravery, damage, and stamina.

Unopened Loot Boxes and Chalk River Raw Materials are available on TokenTrove and Sphere Market.

Genesis Steeds

Genesis Steeds are the most anticipated NFTs in Chalk River. These are not just any horses; they are unique NFTs with specific traits and attributes that can be used in-game for riding, racing, and breeding. With seven historically accurate Wild West breeds and groundbreaking on-chain breeding dynamics, these steeds offer players unprecedented ways to interact with the game and each other. Owning a top-tier horse in Chalk River significantly enhances your gameplay, whether navigating the metaverse or engaging in showdowns. Breeding and leveling up your horse transforms it into a valuable asset, both in-game and in the marketplace. Soon to be available for purchase, Genesis Steeds represent a fusion of traditional gaming elements with modern blockchain technology.

Stay tuned to our socials for news on the upcoming launch of Genesis Steeds!

Chalk River’s NFTs blend traditional gaming excitement and modern technological advancements. Each NFT type enhances your in-game experience and holds potential real-world value, making Chalk River a standout project in the web3 gaming space. Whether you're a gamer, a collector, or an investor, these NFTs provide compelling reasons to engage with and invest in the Chalk River universe.

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