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Chalk River Game Development Update - May 2024

Lots to go over this month, map updates, desert biome update, continued character animations and more.

1. Chalk River Map Updates

As part of our refactoring process, Oksana has been redesigning certain areas of the Chalk River map. This includes three new towns, Eganville, Cobden and Fort Harriman, four distinct biomes (desert, plains, mountain and swamp) and a whole bunch of other points of interest. Check out the map above to get an idea of the updated lay of the land.

2. Desert Biome

One of the key locations from the original alpha releases and home to the town of Chalk River, is getting a face lift.

Desert Biome

Utilizing a completely new set of environmental assets we're redesigning this biome to mimic the Chihuahuan Desert that covers large parts of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Our lead level designer has been working hard on getting all these new assets game ready, finessing the shaders and creating the post-processing elements to give that true to life desert look and feel.

3. Continued Animation updates

In an effort to finalize our main character animations, we've been pushing forward to complete the following:

  • Main character controllers for female locomotion

  • Updating horse movement realism

  • Individual weapon draw and holster motion

  • Added realism aim logic when sprinting

  • Female character animations

  • Fixing shoulders in idle animations

What's next

We know you're all chomping at the bit to get into Chalk River, and trust us, we can't wait to let y'all in. As you can see, we're getting real close to the next release, our devs are working tirelessly and the wait will be worth it.

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Bertrand Lhomme
Bertrand Lhomme
Jun 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

can't wait to put my hands on it!

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